Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bully For Them!

I just saw a new report about two people spotted, in differing areas of Portland, standing at busy intersections and holding signs. They weren't asking for money, they were asking for jobs. At least one of them was handing out resumes to passing motorists.

The man was interviewed and stated that it was a "little humiliating" but he was gonna do whatever it took. Why should he be humiliated? Here is the picture of a person who really wants to work and is taking the responsibility and initiative to to get a job.

If I were an employer these people would be first on my prospect list; they've already shown they know how to work. They have every reason to be proud, not embarrassed. I just wish I had a job to give them.

1 comment:

Deanna said...

I agree. It shows real initiative...something often lacking in the typical employee.